After Just One Day The Hearthstone Demon Hunter Class Is Getting Nerfed

Demon Hunters demolished the game almost immediately.

Now programmer Dean Ayala reported that a bit too much heat is already being brought by the newcomers of the Illidan Stormrage class, so nerfs are on the horizon already.

Complaints concerning the class started to surface about the Hearthstone forums instantly following the game’s update to Ashes of Outland. Tonquikei stated in this thread, for example, that before the launch of Ashes of Outland, four classes needed a 50-52 percent success rate, and another five were at the 47-50 percentage range.

“DH is so great it has pushed every other class in the match ‘s winrate under a level necessary to climb.

“DH does it all. You simply can’t out tempo it in the early game and will struggle to out value it in the late game if you somehow managed to survive that long. The class has so many options playing against it feels like playing against an adventure boss like the Lich King on heroic.”

The situation is severe enough that Blizzard is currently working it expects to get now — the first time at Hearthstone history out which nerfs happen to be declared within one day of the launch of the expansion, in accordance with our resident expert Tim. The prior”speediest nerfs in history,” after last year’s Descent of Dragons growth, took over a week to really roll out.

Together with the instant changes to cards,” Ayala stated Blizzard will adapt Demon Hunter in Arena, and also make some alterations to the course that will aim to maintain its”class-defining bits” strong while down-tuning cards which provide Demon Hunter with a lot of the “does it all” ability.

“The expectation must be that there’ll be a great deal of equilibrium iteration during the upcoming few weeks. We are going to be making adjustments a bit more often until we believe that DH is in an enjoyable, unique, and balanced condition,” Ayala said.